Donate to the Work of Sak Saum

All Donations to Sak Saum are tax-deductible. Click the button below to partner with us in the work of rescue and restoration.

*Please designate your contribution to Sak Saum in the purpose field. 

You can also designate your donation to one of our current projects listed below.

Change Cafe

Sak Saum's newest business venture is a cafe, located on our campus. The kitchen has been built and but we still need funding for the kitchen appliances, cooking supplies, and a covered outdoor seating area.

Cafe: $10,000
Patio: $8,000


Brothers House

Brothers House is a rehabilitation program for men in the local community coming out of addiction, gangs, and imprisonment. They are trained in metal work, their basic needs are provided for, and they are discipled to follow Jesus. Sak Saum's vision for these young men is to be free from addiction and to become compassionate, strong, hard-working leaders in their communities and families. You can help by sponsoring one of the Brothers House men, or by providing needed supplies.. 

Sponsorship: $200/month
Supplies: $50/month

*Current Project: We are in the process of moving Brother's House to our main campus. Help us build a, which involves pouring a cement pad and creating storage space for our machinery and supplies. 

Cost: $10,000


Youth Watch Program

One of the most powerful ways to fight human trafficking is to stop it before it starts. We are actively working in our community to identify and protect youth who are at risk of trafficking and exploitation. We work closely with local government to prevent our youth from being trafficked by family members. We also provide families with support and resources that bring dignity and security, while ensuring their children grow and flourish. Your faithful support of our Youth Watch Program has provided community children with safe, hope-filled futures

Total Need: $15,000


Mary's Paint

Mary was blinded by cataracts when she was a child. She discovered a love for painting when she became part of the Sak Saum family. She paints fabric which is sewn into products such as purses, wallets, and tees. Her painting is both therapeutic and empowering. Your gift helps her continue to grow and flourish by covering paint and supplies.

Paint & Supplies: $50/month



Fabric, buttons, thread & zippers are essential for us to create and make product and clothing, help us with the every day supplies necessary to do this!

Cost: $2,000/month


Community Outreach

Sak Saum believes in working in partnership with those in our own surrounding communities and the local government, to help in meeting needs. Whether it's helping to repair a home, build shower coverings, or provide meals for the elderly, we want to work to encourage and empower our neighbors and create a healthy environment in which to live. 

Cost: $500/project



Many of our young men and women have recurring health problems or simply need basic care. Your gift can help them visit the dentist, buy vitamins, pay for an annual exam and/or more.

Cost: $50/month