Our Locations


Vocational Training Center (VTC)

The VTC is located about 30 minutes south of Phnom Penh in a rural village called Saang (pronounced “Sa-ang”). Some of the women and men of Sak Saum are already skilled when they come to us, but many are trained in various aspects of textile production after they arrive. They are paid fair trade salaries and work in a bright, clean, safe, and nurturing environment. Many of our production staff are able to work from home, where they can care for their children or for aging parents while still earning an income. 


New Beginnings Center

Our newest production center was opened in May of 2016. This beautiful bright and airy building is located next to the Vocational Training Center and is a second location of textile production. Plans for a small café on the main floor are in process.


The Brother’s House

The Brother’s House is a vocational, residential program for young men in the Saang community. Boys are often just as vulnerable to abuse and exploitation as women. Brother’s House targets young men recovering from drug addiction, gang involvement, and prison. The program is holistic, seeking to bring restoration to every area of life.

Community Residential House

We take up to 12 at-risk or rescued young women each year into our residential program. Many are single mothers with babies and all are in desperate situations. The community house provides safe shelter, healing programs, skills training, spiritual healing, and friendship for these women as they begin to carve out a new life, free of exploitation.


Phnom Penh Office and Boutique

Located in the Toul Tom Poung (Russian Market) area of Phnom Penh, our distribution center facilitates fabric/supply selection, product quality control, and shipments of product around the world. A small boutique gives guests an opportunity to buy Sak Saum products.


U.S. Distribution Center

Located in Warren, Michigan, the US Office and Distribution Center handles all webstore and wholesale orders, and party or event product shipments. The office also has a small boutique for purchasing Sak Saum products. 


Sak Saum Thailand

A new partnership launched in February of 2016 with the same heart and mind to rescue and restore exploited women in the “golden triangle” region near the border with Burma.