Our Process

A lot of thought and intention goes into every Sak Saum product. 

1) We have a team of designers.

We are often asked who designs our products. It's a collaborate process with several people working together on style, design, and fabric selection.  We develop prototypes, play with fabrics and colors, and tweak it until we get it right!

2) We are committed to sourcing locally, where possible. 

It’s challenging to verify every step of the supply chain, but we are committed to working with ethical suppliers.


3) We LOVE working with repurposed materials

From overstock or seconds in fabrics and buttons made from coconut shells, to wallets and purses made of repurposed tire and cement bags, we love taking something discarded and making something beautiful from it.

4) Product concepts go to production.

Patterns are made, fabric is cut, and the sewing beings.  All of our products are made at our Vocational Training Center, New Beginnings Center, or by community sewers who are part of Sak Saum


5)  When products are completed, they go through a quality control inspection, are tagged, and then prepared for shipping. Product is shipped from Cambodia to our US Distributors, where it is then shipped to you!

6) We work hard to keep our product prices competitive.

In a world of cheap consumer goods, we recognize you might be able to find lower prices out there, but the cheaper the price the less likely the product was ethically produced.  We work hard to make our products affordable for our buyers, and still provide fair trade wages for our Cambodian staff.  We are committed to not re-exploiting our staff with below standard wages or extended work hours for greater profit margins.

All-in-all, we believe you will love Sak Saum’s products and feel good about knowing that your purchase helps us continue the work of rescue and restoration. Every product represents a changed life!