Sak Saum exists to set captives free through rescue, restoration, rehabilitation and transformation.

Transformation flows from an intensely personal relationship with God. It is a complete regeneration of our being, thinking, and doing that works itself out in our families and communities. It is not something that is achieved by external force or theories of social change, but by a work of God in the heart. It is reflected in communities that are compassionate, just and free. God transforms from the inside out. As followers of Jesus, we have all experienced the transforming power of God at work in us – that quiet work of the Holy Spirit convicting us of wrongdoing, cleansing our hearts, shaping our character, changing our attitudes, and influencing our actions.

We believe this transformation to be key in ending the destructive cycles of human trafficking and poverty. We believe that changed people change nations. We believe that love is the key to that change, and we believe that empowerment is what will create a ripple effect of lasting change in families and communities.

Meet the Sak Saum Leaders

Ginny Hanson, Founder and International Director


Ginny Hanson is Sak Saum’s International Director. She and her husband, Eric, moved to Cambodia full-time in 2004 and founded In His Steps International. IHSI works specifically to empower the Cambodian people to reach their own for Christ.

In 2005, Ginny met a young Cambodian woman, Theavy. Barren for nine years, Theavy had tried everything to have a child – everything but God. Ginny prayed asking God to open Theavy’s womb and God answered. Theavy gave birth to a little baby boy in 2006. Shortly after his birth, Theavy’s husband abandoned her, leaving her with few options to care for her child. Ginny knew she needed help. This is how Sak Saum began — one woman reaching out to help one woman.

Ginny’s heart is to see vulnerable men and women like Theavy find freedom, purpose, healing and love in their own lives and the lives of their families. She is passionate about setting captives free. Ginny and her husband, Eric, have two daughters, two son-in-laws and two grandchildren.

Theavy Kang, National Director


Through her own life story, Theavy knows firsthand the tragedy of rejection, abandonment and exploitation and the power of love to heal. Her own testimony led her to reach out with compassion to vulnerable and exploited women.

Her desire is to see her nation transformed and to help others experience the power, life and love of God. The love she has for her own people is clearly visible in every area of her life.

Theavy was married this past January and has one son named Sokun, meaning "a gift from God".

A Glimpse Into Sak Saum

Hear from Ginny and Theavy firsthand as they take you on a short tour of Sak Saum...